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We live in an era where more so than ever the need for creative solutions is imperative. As we live in very competitive world. Industries are becoming interwoven through technology and people are more closely connected than ever before. The world has become a tiny place with an abundance of opportunity whereby anybody has a potential platform to engage society and solve problems.

Well I thought at the beginning I wouldn’t be able to take up things , but later I realised that , there are certain things which made me take up challenges.

Many things fascinated me , to be precise is the texture, how the elements dissolved in it differ , which led me to explore many things regarding it.

Using colour in any space is an adventure.

There were certain things which fascinated me , one among them where colours .

When it comes to style, we can be sure of one thing. Humans are always evolving and switching up trends. Over the years, interior has changed a whole lot.

Colour can be used successfully in the interior to regulate the mood of those spending time there.
Certain colours help us calm and relax us, also they refreshers us.

While we love an open floor plan, not all of us are living in sprawling mansions. But a lack of space doesn’t mean you have to forgo a beautiful and comfortable space.


By carefully selecting home furnishings and utilizing creative storage solutions, you can create your ultimate dream space.

Before I thought designing, was simple but later journey taught me that I should take up several challenges.

The role of the interior designer is directly influenced by how a space is used, As human beings we’re continuously evolving and as a result our requirements and preferences do the same.

I feel that creating the look that clients have visualised is more demanding these days , a lot of choices have come up.

Our industry has become very popular – people take more interest, have more access to all things design-related. So the demand will also increase.

At the beginning I never thought that I had the built in me , to approach towards designing. Everything doesnt seem , as we think is it.

Well sometimes I don’t give myself enough credit and I was looking back on some of the spaces that I’ve transformed and realized that it shouldn’t have the specific about the way I’m changing spaces and the lives of the people who live in them because I have a lot more to explore.

Interior design has changed a lot over the years but of course, some people may still prefer a certain style to another. I really love the minimal style , to be specific shades of blues makes me feel live.

I believe in doing the thing which you feel is right. If it looks right, it is right.

Never I realized all the colours , lights, furnishings which I used see around ,would be a major part of my life.


Meghana Muralidharan is currently pursing Bachelors Degree in Interior Designing. Having settled in Doha, she is passionate about the colors of nature and expresses through poetry. She is also a well known anchor. She dreams of designing a restaurant some day after completing her masters.


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