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So we all have been there. Make-ups are expensive y’all! We always need to be shining and sparkling. But there is no need to worry. AllandAbout brings you the best hacks that will change your life. Scroll for life changing tips.

Ran out of concealer?

Add a few drops of your liquid foundation to translucent or loose powder. You can even scrape a bit of that compact lying around; just make sure it’s not too dark for concealing. This will thicken it up and cover up just perfect.

Powder Power

Baby powder can be used in numerous hacks but this one is what we needed. Most girls don’t purchase primers and setting powders. Moisturizers act as primer and compact powders acts as setting powder.

This hack is for everyone who doesn’t want to spend extra on primers and setting powders. Just apply baby powder with a brush all over your face and dust off the excess. This will soak up all that extra moisture and oil; and act as the perfect base for your foundation. After your normal makeup routine, just apply the baby powder in all the areas you want to set and brush it off. You can even use baby powder for baking your face, it does the perfect job!

 Your own dry-shampoo:

In the busy and fast pacing life that most of us are living, sometimes we need dry-shampoo to solve all those last-min plans.

Mix cornstarch and cocoa powder to make your very own dry shampoo always available on the go.

Replace those Falsies:

If you are someone who just won’t get those false lashes right, but want the effect of fuller lashes. After the first coat of mascara, dust some baby powder with a spooley or Q-tip onto your eyelash and then go for the second coat for the perfect long and thick lashes. 

Easy scrub & blush:

Vaseline or petroleum jelly is readily available and costs pocket change.

Add sea salt to Vaseline for the most easiest and essential scrub which can be used for lips, face and body. This mixture not only does the job but sea salt also contains natural minerals which are valuable for the healthy function of your body.

For the cream blush, just add a tiny bit of your favorite shade of lipstick or an eye shadow which you really love to Vaseline. Mix well and apply smooth and easy.

Plump up:

Most lip-plumping products and tools are highly expensive. Create your own pout-plumping mix (save yourself 100-150 QR) by adding a drop of cinnamon or peppermint oil to your lip color. Or just prepare the mixture and apply on to your lip and let it sit for a while before you draw on those fully plumped lips for the perfect pout.

Baby shampoo – brush cleaner

Run some water over the brushes and prep for the cleaning process.

Simply put some baby shampoo and olive oil in a bowl with water and then swish the brush around in the shampoo mixture. It is super-efficient, cheap and most importantly will not cause break outs as baby shampoo is really light on the skin. If you really do not want to spend any money, just use your own shampoo as an alternative!

 Brow gel:

If you have a skinny mascara wand, use the mascara after your brow filling instead of spending money on a brow gel. Feather the wand slowly through your brows for an instant brow holder lasting all day.


Makeup remover:

Coconut oil can be used in a variety of way when it comes to beauty hacks, it’s a must have product being cheap and cheerful and serving so many purpose. If u ever ran out of makeup remover or don’t want to invest in it, Coconut oil is the best replacement. Add water and coconut oil to a jar, you can also add some other oil extracts for fragrance then filled with cotton pads and let it soak. All products on your face will come off easily avoiding the hassle.

Eye shadow blending:


If you don’t want to invest in over-priced eye shadow brushes and avoid using your finger tips to blend. The best tip is to use a Q-Tip. Simply pull on the head of the Q-Tip for the cotton to make a fluffy end, and there you have it, a blending brush to blend out your shadow.


Mascara = Eyeliner


Can’t find your eyeliner at the last minute or your favorite eyeliner is dried out? Use a mascara and a liner brush to draw the liner on. It will come off smooth and dark just like your liner. May be even better!


Wing it


Perfect wing is a dream? Not anymore! With this hack all you need is tooth floss pick and your regular liner. Use floss pick to create the perfect winged liners which are going to be equal just by applying your liner on it and tracing along the corners of both your eyes. In addition, you can also use tape for this hack! Slow claps for this hack.

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