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For people who just can’t seem to get enough of food, you came to the right place, its All and About Marriott’s New York Steakhouse’s new brunch for two price points – QR350 Food and Soft Beverages and QR500 Food and Bubbly which will satisfy that cravings of yours.

Marriott’s New York Steakhouse is awarded for highly commended Best Steakhouse for Time Out Doha Restaurant Awards 2015, as well as Highly Commended in the Steakhouse Category for Time Out Doha Restaurant Awards 2017.

Let’s start The Big Apple Brunch Experience.

Once you arrive at the New York Steakhouse, you’ll be greeted by a hostesses with a kind smile. Inside, you’ll find the bar counter to your left where you can order up some fantastic cocktails.

How would you enjoy your fine dining experience without some music? Don’t fret because Marriott’s New York steakhouse got it covered with live performances by various local artists.

The music selection is relaxing yet funky at the same time and now, it’s time to move on to the table.

Once the hostess accompanied you to your table, a wonderful staff will approach you and will serve you still or sparkling water along with some nice champagne as you think of what you would like to order.

For the appetisers, you might to try out the chef’s special “Seafood for Two”. The sharing platter contained Fresh Oysters, Alaskan King Crab Leg, Boston Lobster, King Prawns & Cray Fish Tail accompanied with condiments of Marie Rose Sauce, Aioli Mignonette Sauce and lemon. The overall texture of the platter is fresh and soft. An ideal serving for seafood lovers.

For the main course, you might want to try out the Wagyu Cheeks which is a 12 hour braised Australian beef cheek with mash potato, carrots and pickled walnuts & the chef’s special “Angus Short Rib and Oyster Pie” which is a pot roasted short rib with mash potato with bits of oyster mixed in the beef. Don’t let that chef’s special make you think stuff like “ugh is it really that delicious?” or “how does it complement each other?” where in fact it really does go well with how it was slowly cooked by the fine chefs of Marriott’s New York Steakhouse. What’s steak without the wine?

The staff recommends you in trying out the finest wine New York Steakhouse has to offer which is the Kaiken Reserva a Malbec based wine from Argentina or a Californian wine named Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi. With highly recommend trying out the chef’s special “Angus Short Rib and Oyster Pie” with the Kaiken wine and savor the tender beef melting in your mouth bursting with umami. A steak experience you’ll never forget.

On to the dessert, check out the Mango crepe that contains Sabayon or “Zabaione”, which is an Italian dessert, creamy mango filling and a passion fruit sorbet but what is really attention catching is the New York Steakhouse’s recommendation the “Bourbon Baba” which is a fluffy sponge cake like dessert with a white chocolate ganache. “Bourbon Baba” is great due to the alcohol seeped in the dessert itself. I would have asked for more if I wasn’t full enough.

The Big Apple Brunch experience is wonderful and a brunch worth another return thanks to the hardworking and fine chefs of Marriott’s New York Steakhouse supervised by the charismatic executive chef, Chef Oliver. This restaurant consists of staff from various countries in the world where not only do they serve the foods from the menu but they make an art full of rich taste and TLC (tender loving care). Another satisfied customer indeed.

Written by Bennett Kytako

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